Stories From The Motherland


By now you can see that my artistic vision is quite extensive. I owe that to my mentor. These are African fables that are near and dear to my heart because they were absent during my childhood. All of the stories I was read or read had strong “Western” influences. Nothing against stories from the Western Hemisphere, but they don’t have that “Cultural Punch”. It’s like the difference between the cartoons Family Guy and the Boondocks. Family guy is classic, but the Boondocks, well…you know! 

Enjoy the stories, and please stay tuned for more.

"How Many Spots Does a Leopard Have?" -An African Fable

An African Fable by M.J. York with REAL animals courtesy of National Geographic. Story. 

Narration by Daddy Phantom PhotoTron

Monkey and Mouse voice: Sarah B. Finley

Anansi and Brother Death (Audio Story with Pictures)

  Stories about a spider-god, Anansi or Ananse, were first told in Ghana by the Ashanti people. They were not written down but recounted from generation to generation. Gradually the stories grew and spread across Ghana and then all around West Africa. In Ghana they are called “Anansesem” meaning spider tales.