The Africa You Never Knew in Less Than 4 Minutes

 Published on Mar 11, 2019

We all know the negative stereotypes about Africa. Amazingly most of these stereotypes are promoted by American Africans who haven't a clue about their Motherland. White People visit and move there all of the time...They know better. 

Still... The Daddy Phantom

Back to The Pen and Pad


My first live performance as a poet was almost two decades ago. Over the years I’ve spoken and performed at schools. I’ve traveled the United States performing and promoting. I’ve done radio and television interviews. I’ve done audio video production projects for artists all over the country. I’ve developed other poets who have believed in my vision. I’ve collaborated with Emcees, Musicians, and other Poets. Poetry and lyrics took me to places I could not have gone without possessing “the gift.” For that, I am eternally grateful… but I’m not done yet.

This website edition of Daddy Phantom PhotoTron is a stripped-down hybrid of what I have been over the past ten years. I have poems that are unreleased, and I still possess the power to write new ones. I am returning to the essence of Daddy Phantom PhotoTron. I hope those who bear witness enjoy what they see and hear.

What's My Motivation?


“Just when I thought I was out, they pull me back in!”

Al Pacino-The Godfather Part III 

This quote sums my career as an artist. More proof that I didn’t choose performance poetry. It chose me.