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About 10 years ago I created a series called “Information with Relevance”. The goal was to find stories that I deemed important, but were being overlooked by the media. In many aspects I was way ahead of my time, (the dates on some of the videos is proof). For instance, I was making videos on Police Brutality long before #BLM and its national media attention. Of course nobody paid much attention back then, but I’ve been there way before others in many aspects of Poetry and Media. These are some of my most popular stories from the past, and some of my personal favorites. I hope you enjoy the media.

Is Timberland a Racist Company? Published on Oct 22, 2016


Daddy Phantom PhotoTron explores the question: Is Timberland a racist company and did the CEO EVER say he didn't want Blacks wearing his boots? DPP not only looks to common sense to find the answer but also researches cold hard facts to bring you the TRUTH about Timberland Boots.out this great video

Saint Louis Cadmium Poisoning Published on Feb 9, 2014


Lisa Martino-Taylor, a sociologist at the St. Louis Community College in the Midwest, has been endlessly digging through publicly available archives and documents obtained through Freedom of Information Act requests to learn more about a bizarre spraying program that blanketed parts of her hometown and other cities during the Cold War. 

White Militias' Oregon and Texas Occupations

 In this edition of Information With Relevance, Daddy Phantom PhotoTron covers the latest developments in the Oregon Occupation, in particular, the criminal charges already levied against some of the "occupiers", and  the FBI shooting of Lavoy Finnicum. The show finishes with the story of a Texas man (criminal) John Joe Gray and his 15 YEAR standoff.  Daddy Phantom adds color commentary as usual.SHOW MORE