Phantom's Visualized Poetry Videos

Produced and Engineered by Yours Truly


Over the years I’ve made dozens of Poetry videos. For better or worse, 100% of them were produced by me. I’ll admit, when I look back to the early years, some of them are lackluster, but if you check the download dates on them, as a poet, I was way ahead of my time. Twenty years ago, there weren’t too many underground poets with websites, spoken word videos, cooking videos, current event videos, artist collaborations, and radio/television interviews. I’m not boasting; I’m just acknowledging my creative resume. How else would you know?

Here are a couple of “fan favorites” as well as some of my personal favorites. I hope you enjoy them.

-Daddy Phantom 2018

"The Punisher" Visualized Poetry

 If you dig animation and poetry, this is the video for you. A "Reimagined" Poem by Daddy Phantom the Poet. Poetry text included 


Published on Dec 16, 2016

This video emphasizes how I feel about being an urban poet in today's society.

Bread Instead


Published on Sep 9, 2012

Daddy Phantom the Speaker and J. Serious the Producer, Hook 'Slinger', Engineer Extraordinaire collaborate on this Piece and it turned out wicked.

Maiden Voyage

 This is a mix-tape of three different pieces (poems):

We Us Me Them

What Happened

Time Piece Attention

  The music was created by a musician from Brooklyn called “Paradigm Lost”.

This video was created in 2012.