News Meets Conscious Poetry

What can I say? I like to experiment with different concepts. Sometimes, I get inspiration from the news, and sometimes my poetic concepts just so happen to coincide with current events.

South Beach Cop Sucker Punches Homeless Man


Published on Dec 16, 2018

A Miami Beach Police Officer is under fire for sucker-punching a homeless and defenseless Male. 

This particular was caught on camera by the Officer's partner who did the right thing like Serpico and turned the video over to his superiors.

Rubber Bullets Tear Gas Hondurans and Poetry

 As the President tightens his grip on the U.S./Mexican Border we as "conscious" artists must address this and other humanitarian issues. This is a video of the tear gassing of women and children, relative poetry, and pictures of the madness that ensued. 

When Indian Elephants Go Wild and POETRY (Graphic Footage!)

 Elephants go ballistic at an  event in India. Tossing handlers in the air and attacking onlookers... Oh! There is Poetry included!