Poetry and Police Brutality


Long before Black Lives Matter (An organization I respect), or the modern media blitz on the subject of Police Brutality. Daddy Phantom and Solar Core Productions took up the mantle. These videos are dated so it’s easy to see that I was ‘Through with it before they knew what to do with it”. Some of the Brothers mentioned in these videos aren’t household names like Philando Castile or Freddie Gray, but they deserve to be remembered. I’ve felt this way long before the mass-media got on board.

Now one might call this “boasting”, but I call it “stating the facts”. Besides, if you wait around for someone to give you credit as an “innovator”, you’ll wait forever.

Poetry and Police Brutality Year Ending 2018

  Another year, another year of unnecessary deaths due to trigger happy  Police Officers. Let's remember the lives we lost while listening to  relative poetry by Daddy Phantom... Shall we? 

Poetry and Police Brutality (Bo Frierson vs Robin Harris)

  Published on Mar 24, 2015 

 Daddy Phantom PhotoTron mixes Poetry with Police Brutality as he recites the Poem "Hey Beast!" and narrates the story about Bo Frierson, a quadriplegic man who was nearly dumped from his wheelchair by a San Francisco Police Officer.  Featuring the comic genius of Robin Harris from the movie "House Party". 

Poetry and Police Brutality Chicago Black Sites

 Published on Apr 26, 2015

  Daddy Phantom PhotoTron reports on Chicago PD's Homan Square secret interrogation location and how it resembles CIA "Black Sites". Tracy Sisca of Chicago Justice Project is featured in this video as well. 

Poetry and Police Negligence/L.A. Unsolved Murders

 Published on Nov 28, 2015  

  Solar Core Productions' Information With Relevance hosted by Daddy Phantom PhotoTron explores the unsolved murders in L.A. County California.    Fuck Police Brutality! This is Police negligence. L.A. barely solves 50 % of its homicides. Who are the victims? Not the rich, that's for damn sure.