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I started Poetry by being onstage performing lyrics. I (like most other people) enjoy music and lyrics, but I've always taken the two a bit more seriously than my peers. It would take a half page to tell you how many places I’ve performed Spoken Word live, but here are some videos that exhibit my style onstage. Whether you would like to book Daddy Phantom for a show or come witness a performance, this is what you can expect…

-Daddy Phantom 2018

Daddy Phantom's :The Punisher Mixtape

 Published on Feb 2, 2019 

 A Poetry Mixtape Recorded at Sacramento's "Touch of Class" in December 2018. 

Knuckle Up (Spoken Word)

Daddy Phantom Solar Core Productions Artist  performs "Knuckle Up" at the Riverview Venue in Minneapolis MN

Daddy Phantom reading poetry at AQ, Mar 11 2013

Live from the Artist Quarter Saint Paul Minnesota.