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  As I stated in my Poetry and Police Brutality page, I was way ahead of the mass media or Black Lives Matter (#BLM) movement (No disrespect to BLM). These are more than just videos about Police Brutality, like most of the content that you see on daddyphantom.com, they are my muses. These are the makings of Daddy Phantom. 

Chavis Carter Suicide? Colorado Shooter James Holmes

Published Aug 2, 2012

Daddy Phantom hosts a special episode dedicated to Chavis Carter, a 21-year-old African-American man who was found dead from a gunshot while handcuffed in the back of a police patrol car on July 29, 2012. His death was ruled a suicide by the Arkansas State Crime La. This episode also includes a reflection on Colorado Shooter James Holmes and his similarities to the Robert Kennedy assassin Sirhan Sirhan.

Chicago's Staggering Unsolved Murder Stats and Corruption

Published on Feb 19, 2016

  Host Daddy Phantom PhotoTron attempts to make sense of the staggering amount of unsolved homicides in Chicago and puts emphasis on the lies told by the Chicago Police Union to cover for their officer's murderous ways.

Officer Shoots Unarmed Man in Montana and Cries Afterward


Published on Jan 16, 2015

***Warning Violent Content***

  Officer Grant Morrison shot and killed suspect Richard Ramirez in April after the 38-year-old, who was high on meth, failed to comply with the cop’s orders on Billings’ South Side.

Daddy Phantom PhotoTron reports and gives commentary. Solar Core Productions produces.

Albuquerque NM cop shoots another cop

 Published on Jan 16, 2015 


***Warning! Violent content!***

  This video highlights the Albuquerque police officer who shot and critically wounded a fellow officer during an undercover narcotics bust. Part two of this episode focuses on the Albuquerque officers who face charges in the killing of a homeless camper. 

Daddy Phantom PhotoTron reports and gives commentary on both stories.